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ferry - parties are for losers (instrumental)

sanya and yura, who has a lit cigarette in his mouth, are watching something drive off in the distance. behind them you can see the evening sun setting, along with the scenery of a town.

"the party ends at the break of dawn"

parties are for losers (pafl) is a vocaloid series made by ferry, otherwise known as nopanamaman on both twitter and tumblr. as of now, the series houses 11 songs (12 if you count жаль), with 2 of them being more character focused, while the other 9 being more main line.

what's the story about?

the story takes place in an eastern european city, which happens to be bordering the anomalous Zone, stated to have been created in an unnamed accident 50 years ago. it's a forbidden territory, any unsolicited breach of the border is punished by death or jail time. a profession prominent over the years - so-called stalkers - help people enter and (sometimes) exit the Zone. children of those who have been exposed to the Zone are likely to be born with some kind of a mutation. those people - the mutants - are likely to be taken into the facility constructed near the Zone, if said mutation is dangerous or scientifically beneficial enough.

a lot of the story is centered around yuri (yura) beletsky, a teenager who has no hope for his future, and his sister, anna (anya) beletskaya, who is way more optimistic and hopeful than her brother. yura is friends with alexandra "sasha/sanya" kazarina, an albinistic mutant, who frequently visits the club "molodyozhny". sanya's brother, sergei kazarin, however, is very overprotective of her, and as such is a bit disapproving of this. one night, yura and sanya, along with her gang dynamo, meet a girl who introduces herself as ekaterina (katya). in reality, she is a mutant with the code KT003-405, her mutation allowing her to grow excessive amounts of flesh tissue under high amounts of stress.
at another place, a mysterious boy comes to save anya from some thugs coming to harass her. after being beaten up, olga "olya" orlova notices anya, who has been not-so secretly stalking her. they take the boy to olya's place, where he introduces himself as dmitry (dima). in reality, he is also a mutant, with the code DT001-319, having the mutation of his telekinesis. before his escape, tatiana "tanya" temnova was dima's caretaker, who is theorizied to have at least some influence to the incident that created the Zone.

olya, yura and nikita, who are purely monochromatic, are standing near a power plant, it's top being completely torn off, floating in mid-air. the rest of the scene is colored in a desaturated yellow.

how did you find out about pafl?

during summer, while the ukraine-russia war was still going on, soundcloud reccomended me the faulty feline philosophy. i really liked it, and after soon finding out that the creator also speaks russian, i was intrigued. that's how i found out about pafl! surprisingly, i wasn't really all that interested in the story! mostly because i kept confusing all of the character's names. but i decided to fully dedicate myself into it after becoming enamored with false disposition.
i like to believe that pafl has become an important piece in my life. not only does it take place in a setting i'm familiar with (a slavic town), it explores a theme in characters i most certainly enjoy (humans treated as lab experiments)! it has also become a great inspiration for other projects i have created - both writing wise and art wise. generally speaking, i cherish ferry's work greatly.

a gif of yura, katya and sanya dancing, like in the music video for caramelldansen.

what's your favorite song in pafl?

i love all of the songs that ferry has made for pafl! something about the way the lyrics flow to the accompanying melody just makes me want to break out in a dance and sing all of my heart out. although, from the current list of the songs... favorite is definitely convergence. as i have stated in the past - "heheh fast song i love". even after all of this time since its release, i'm still very insane over it! the lyrics are definitely one of my favorites. i'm also a pretty big fan of strike 3 and message lost. may nikita rest in piss but his song slaps.


a black and white gif with eyeshots of yura, anya, dima and sanya cycling on a loop. convergence is spelled in all caps in between the eyeshots.

who's your favorite character in pafl?

it was obvious from the very start. after reading the doc, i realized one thing...
...katya was, down to the appearance, exactly like me. i love this silly goober! she's my most favorite, but she's not the only favorite i have! out of the main ones it's olya, temnova and yura (no, i'm not a yurafucker. my best friend is though), and out of the side characters it's yana, ivan, nadya and kolya!
below are just some of my favorite drawings of katya.

"oh, i'll prove you wrong, even if through this cheesy song!"

any postfaces?

since my main website is still under construction... hi! my name is cactus (last name dying). as a slavic (ukranian) person, pafl is a really big part of my identity. i am very happy to have found a piece of work that combines something that i have previously detested (my nationality) with something that i have adored for many years (vocasynth music). it has helped me through many, many tough times. i am very happy to have found it, and especially happy to have gotten my friends into it!

coding isn't exactly my main thing, of course - i really, really like to draw! fan art isn't something i really do a lot, though. so, here's all of the pafl fan art i've made! hover on them (or long press on mobile) for more commentary.

i will end this by recommending you to check out some other pafl fansites, such as the pafl archive and another very great pafl webshrine! also check out this google doc by lynne which not only compiles the information given of the offical google doc (which can be found here), but also things like tumblr asks and discord messages.